IM Crime Watch for your community

After your first meeting with the IM Crime Watch program coordinators, you will quickly see results!

  • We will create your webpage with all of the information you need on it. We will also be able to teach you how to update your data so your audience can be as up to date as you are.

  • We will design the survey for the day of the event and submit it for your review. We also will have a feedback session that allows you to give input on things you may or may not want on the survey.

  • Volunteers can then add photographs and videos to the interactive map.

  • Your project will then be featured on the IM Crime Watch “Projects” page so that we can share your success story with others!

These are the basic processes we use for the IM Crime Watch program, but they can be customized to fit your needs. Some examples of customization include: bilingual forms, student involvement competitions, and parent attitudinal surveys. We welcome any ideas and we do our best to make sure that the project is tailored to fit the needs of your community!

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